3 thoughts on “Bradley, Illinois

  1. Carl Oberlin

    Hi Stephan… I’m Carl Oberlin. We chatted yesterday at the Kankakee Library’s Comic Con. I’m the big guy with beard, long hair and walker. Enjoyed talking with you. Going through cards and handouts and checked out your website. Was drawn to ‘”urban photographer”. I, too, enjoy photographing and collecting images. I enjoyed your photography, especially Kankakee (my home town) images, liked the signs, stencils, railroad photos. Liked that you’ve traveled a bit. I have too. I’m old school in that I communicate mostly by e-mail. I send out groups of photos periodically and would love to add you to the list. I’m at k3carl@hotmail Hope to meet you again both in person and via the internet. Carl

  2. boldsaintcroix Post author

    Carl: thanks for the note! I’m glad you appreciate the images and photography. I love getting out early in the morning by bicycle and looking at the sides of my town (or other towns I happen to be visiting) that people don’t always see. The details. Like in this image, I had to climb up across the railroad to get this picture of the mural on broadway. There’s a sidewalk on the other side, but no way to see this side easily. Which is a shame– I bet people pass by there daily and don’t even know it’s there. (Similar to the stencil graffiti of Max from Where the Wild Things is on the Kennedy railway overpass. I bet hundreds of people pass that each day without seeing it.) Stay in touch, and hope to catch you around town again soon!


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